More Information About Tao Sexual Positions

More Information About Tao Sexual Positions
The Tao is a collection of ancient Chinese wisdom. It predates the Kama Sutra, The Perfumed Garden, and the Ananga Ranga. Taoists believe that sex and sexual energy can be used to improve health, harmonize relationships, and increase spiritual realization.

Many of the Tao sexual positions are recommended to promote the flow of sexual health and energy. It is obvious from the visual names given to Tao positions that the Chinese viewed sex as an art form.

One interesting aspect of the Tao is the choice of language. The terminology of the Tao is very colorful. Here are some examples:

The Penis is also called: Jade Stem, Coral Stem, Male Stalk, Turtle Head, Red Bird, Heavenly Dragon Pillar.

The Vagina is also called: Coral Gate, Jade Gate, Cinnabar Gate, Vermilion Gate, Jade Pavilion, Golden Lotus, Open peony blossom, Receptive vase.

The Clitoris is also called: Pearl on the jade step, and the Jewel Terrace.

Orgasm is called: The great typhoon, Bursting of the clouds.

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